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Working With Your Spouse - Good Idea?

Could you work day-in and day-out with your spouse or partner?  Most people believe that working together is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, either at home, at the office, or both. In this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew and  their significant others share their story of starting, building and managing a Golf Management business for […]

Are You on The Slippery Slope to Failure?

Most golf courses fail and most management companies fail to rescue distressed golf courses because they lean on traditional golf course management models and practices that place them directly atop the dreaded, slippery slope to financial instability and ultimately, closure or land-repurposement. At Paradigm Golf Group, an incentive-based golf course management and ownership company, we […]

It’s Golf! We’re Not Saving Lives.

Let’s be real, if you play golf or have been around golf courses for any period of time, you’ve had this thought; “why is everyone so serious? Lighten up! You’re not saving lives!”  Traditionally, golf courses generate that kind of environment because they have tended to focus on upholding rich traditions, decorum, and the integrity […]

We are the Premier Golf Course Management Company in the Area

Golf has been one of the most popular leisure activities around the world for all age groups for quite some time now. It is a game as well as a social event that draws together people from various walks of life for enjoyable, low impact physical activity. Golf is a sport that the novice and […]

A Professional Golf Club Manager You Can Count On

A golf club is certainly a unique business. On the one hand, there is a steady stream of customers to be targeted, and it is an activity that is appealing to individuals from all ages and demographic groups. On the other hand, it is a complex enterprise that requires a great deal of planning and […]

Choosing the Right Golf Course Consultants Is Essential

There are numerous reasons why you might need the assistance of a consultant within a business, particularly one as comprehensive and extensive as a golf course. Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing or building a new golf course, and you need assistance in deciding on the proper location and other specifications. Maybe you have an […]

Paradigm Playbook: 5 G’s of Successfully Selling More Golf & Golf for More

Who Answers Your Phones? The Art of Selling Golf Over The Phone It amazes me how little time, effort, and is spent on training staff members who are responsible for handling the first point of contact with customers. Granted, this is true in most businesses today, however, it is extremely prevalent in the Golf Industry. […]

Golf Now To Use or Not to Use?

To Use or Not to Use? For that is the question…Part One Seems to be the hottest topic in the Golf Business, to use Golf Now or not to use them… Having various complexities and moving parts I decided to break up in several posts. I am starting with my thoughts on whether you should […]

Should You Be Promoting or Discounting Your Rounds of Golf?

What’s the difference between promotion and discount? Promotions are short term, well thought out offers that use value, benefit statements and sizzle along with financial savings to promote your products and services.  Promotions create immediate demand and long-term product branding.    Discounting is simply reducing price, and possibly devaluing your product in hopes to make […]

Yielding Rates. Dynamic Pricing, A lot of big words but no real strategy.

Yielding Rates. Dynamic Pricing, Demand-Based Initiatives… A lot of big words but no real strategy, especially in the Golf Business.   I’m guilty.  I’ve used those fancy words above, and I am sure I will again. Unfortunately, just dabbling in these practices with no real strategy on how combine or blend Pricing, Packaging and Promotions […]

Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property?

Golf Course Managers Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property? There are three types of managers/leaders/coaches: Duds Difference Makers Needle Movers What’s the difference in the three types of Golf Course Managers? Duds We have all seen them, worked for them or maybe even […]

Golf Now Business Features The Paradigm Approach

Check out the article that Golf Now Business wrote about Paradigm Golf Group.  They interviewed Joe D and Mikey D to gain insight on how the Paradigm approach is unique and profitable.  Click Here to read the entire article Paradigm Golf Group breaks with convention to deliver uncommon results Written By: Golf Now Golf loves its […]

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