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Happy Customers + Motivated Team = Profitable Growth
Golf Course Financial Success & How To Achieve It!!!
It starts with a Plan, or even Better, a Playbook
The Paradigm Playbook is a proven and highly successful customized playbook that will be essential key in accomplishing the following objectives:
  • Maximize the properties financial performance- With the implementation of the following proven sales and service strategies. The following Plays (strategies) will teach the team the skills and importance of every guest interaction and how to increase closing percentage with incoming calls, upsell into courses Play Programs, food and beverage outlets, golf shop merchandise along with other applicable profit centers.
Recommended Paradigm Plays; 5 G’s of Successfully Selling More Golf combined with the Almighty Counter Conversion and Turbo Sales will lead to increased revenue, better service and motivated team.
  • Shift the culture, marketing and experience to be more fun, upbeat and entrepreneurial vs. traditional. With this shift in strategy, your property will gain market share and build loyalty with your customers. Traditional golf marketing and operational practices are dead, forever. Buying patterns and guest expectations have shifted, so don’t wait too long to shift your culture.
Recommended Paradigm Plays; Marketing Makeover, P-Cubed (Profitable Play Programs), 7 A’s of Mastering Golf Now, BYOM and more.
  • Re-energize the team with fresh idea’s through collaboration, training and recognition. Let’s be honest, the golf business is not known for great compensation plans, especially with the front line team (the ones that spend most time with your customers). So why not offer incentive based on their production? When we develop the most profitable and customer friendly play programs along with other performance matrix, why not incentivize and recognize your top performers. Just showing up and wearing your name tag is not good enough anymore. Creating friendly competition while setting individual/team goals along with a fun work environment are paramount to your properties success.
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Tired of losing money or failing to increase your bottom line? Concerned about whether or not your club will make it through these difficult economic times in an already saturated industry? Our first objective is to get clarity of your desired outcome, goals and expectations.

Working with Paradigm is Different!Unique!Simple!

It is no coincidence that most of the regional and national golf management companies solicit golf owners for long-term management agreements providing for the highest possible base and incentive management fee structures.
These management companies seek to “lock-in” the rewarding terms and fees without provision for lack of business performance or the willingness to share ownership’s downside associated with poor results. In fact, usually, the only way to terminate their management contracts is by payment of excessive termination fees regardless of ownership’s reasons for the desired termination. Without sensible management expertise options, golf course owners end up continuing with their current strategies and techniques with the hope for better results.

What Our Playbook Will Do For You.

  • Examine and critique existing campaigns and strategies
  • Research and define your ideal customer
  • Examine your logo
  • Generate leads and selling opportunities.



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