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Golf Now To Use or Not to Use?

To Use or Not to Use? For that is the question…Part One

Seems to be the hottest topic in the Golf Business, to use Golf Now or not to use them… Having various complexities and moving parts I decided to break up in several posts. I am starting with my thoughts on whether you should use it or not. My experience comes as a golf course owner, manager and consultant perspective. The goal is not to persuade you but share another point of view, one that has led to seven digit revenue growth in some of the most competitive markets in very difficult financial times.

Let’s start with when you should not use Golf Now-

  • Your entire golf course inventory is full 95% or more without using Golf Now
  • You have a high volume platform that allows you proactively maximize rate.
  • You have a large marketing budget and have other proven advertising strategies that produce a measurable ROI.

So when should you use Golf Now-

  • Your golf course inventory is not full 95% or more of the time you are openGNGauge
  • You do not have a viable platform that allows you to proactively maximize rounds and rate
  • You have a limited or near zero marketing budget.
  • You want to grow rounds and revenues at the highest rate by utilizing the most used and popular customer/golfer marketing outlet.
  • You want to expand your reach in your immediate market and other drive in areas with the various GN vehicles. (Eblast, Banner Ad’s, Deal Caddy, Golf Advisor etc..)
  • You want to profile your properties strengths through review sites that get huge volume of viewership and feedback

Based on the criteria above, we have elected to not only use Golf Now but Master It. To use it as one of our strategies in growing revenue and customer base.   In addition to the reasons listed, the biggest factor we decided to master Golf Now is this- CONSUMERS LOVE IT!!

Part Two on Whether to Use or Not Use Golf Now will be focused on why the Consumers love it and How to leverage Golf Now to build YOUR properties profitability, customer loyalty, short term success and long-term sustainability.

Yes, I have read all the reasons why golf courses do not want to use it and most are about the one or two low demand trade times get sold at prices they don’t like, understood.  But what about the other 180 tee times that need to be filled everyday?

My recommendation, if you are going to use Golf Now, master it. Make it a priority to understand it and utilize all of its programs. This combined with your other sales and service strategies you can and will dominate your competition. If you don’t need it or like it, stop taking all the time and energy to hate on it and invest that time to fill your golf course without it, it’s your course, your choice…


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