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Golf Course Management

Shift the Vibe • Increase Your Bottom Line

Golf Course Management

Golf Course Management Company that is Innovative

It’s obvious that the Golf Business has changed forever. Customers’ buying patterns, interest level, and expectations are much different that they were five and especially ten years ago. So the question is, “What do we do to gain market share, increase profit and thrive…not just survive?” The answer: Having a golf course management company that is innovative management, happy customers, and motivated team. Traditional-minded golf course management companies cannot fix the problem because it is the problem. Old, stale and stiff policies and procedures will not make happy customers, motivate your team, and definitely not increase your bottom line.

The good news is that the three keys all work together. Shifting strategies, culture, and management to be more innovative will motivate your team and make happy customers, which will lead to increased profitability. The Paradigm Shift Program click here.

Tired of losing money or failing to increase your bottom line? Concerned about whether or not your club will make it through these difficult economic times in an already saturated industry? Our first objective is to get clarity of your desired outcome, goals and expectations. Then we get to work, and in many cases, we review and work with your management and the processes first. From cost controls, staffing, scheduling, cash handling, budgeting, and all other practices will be reviewed, analyzed, collaborated with team and revisions will be made to maximize guest experience, profitability and motivate team. This proven process continues to deliver immediate and long-term financial success.

How is working with Paradigm Golf Management Different?

Performance based management structure! It is no coincidence that most of the regional and national golf management companies solicit golf owners for long-term management agreements providing for the highest possible base and incentive management fee structures. These management companies seek to “lock in” the rewarding terms and fees without provision for lack of business performance or the willingness to share ownership’s downside associated with poor results. In fact, usually the only way to terminate their management contracts is by payment of excessive termination fees regardless of ownership’s reasons for the desired termination. Without sensible management expertise options, golf course owners end up continuing with their current strategies and techniques with the hope for better results.

Golf Club Management Companies Are Different

Paradigm is different. Our approach is by no means “revolutionary” but is unique to the golf business. Paradigm is prepared to enter into a short-term training, consulting or a simplified management arrangement whereby compensation to the manager is agreed upon a lower monthly fee combined with a performance-based incentive. In other words, a good portion of the management fee is directly related to revenue and profit results, providing the golf course owner with the option to terminate golf club management services in exchange for only reasonable notice instead of the requirement to pay exit fees as a reward for failure to perform – imagine that! Many consultants and fee-based golf course managers have either never owned golf properties or have never been directly responsible for entrepreneurial operating results. Whether we own, manage, or consult, we use the same proven and direct approach to achieve growth and success.

Let’s talk strategy now while your competitors are paralyzed with fear!! It’s worth a call and it’s absolutely FREE!