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Golf Course Marketing

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Golf Course Marketing

Golf Course Marketing – Get Your Makeover

Everyone wants to be a Social Media Master, but very few know how to harness the power and potential of social media –  and almost no golf course operator has the spare time to learn it. It’s no secret that the players in the golf industry are usually among the last to adopt new strategies or media to expand their reach and connect with consumers.   This is presents an amazing opportunity for you and your operation to get a leg up on your competition.  Strategies and opportunities in the world of social media are changing so fast that even the experts have to stay sharp to stay ahead of the curve.  How can you be expected to stay on top of it all?  You can’t. And you shouldn’t. The techniques for utilizing Facebook are now much different than they were even last year. If you are simply trying to generate followers, chances are YOUR POSTS ARE NOT REACHING 80% OF YOUR FOLLOWERS!  The game has changed and knowing your way around Facebook ads, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc., etc., is crucial for your success. It’s not expensive and you need not make a deep investment of time or capital to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen your brand, expand your reach and get an huge head start on your competition.  We’ll help you get ahead and stay ahead for good.

The Paradigm Marketing Makeover Social Media & Email Marketing that Works!!

The Paradigm Golf  Course Marketing Makeover is an in-depth, systematic, evaluation of all of your current marketing efforts including your Internet presence, social media, collateral, traditional media, email, direct mail, everything you do in an attempt to drive customers to your doors. This does not mean that you need to start over at square one or that all your marketing needs to be trashed in favor of entirely new strategies (some rare cases may be that extreme).

You Cannot Know it All

If you don’t know the first thing about how to effectively market your golf courses products and services, take heart. It’s not your fault. On the entrepreneurial side, you may be the genius behind the concept, the mind behind the product, the brains of the operation, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a master of marketing. Even for large companies with dedicated marketing departments, the challenge of effectively marketing your products and services and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts often goes unmet. The media through which we market today change constantly and become more and more sophisticated. You’ve got a business to run. You should not be expected to stay current, let alone master all of the various golf club marketing avenues available to you.

Half Your Marketing is Garbage

I am sure you are familiar with self-made-man, John Wannamaker’s famous quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” The great news is that Wannamaker’s woes are a thing of the past. We are now able to effectively track the effectiveness of all marketing endeavors which means that you no longer have to guess what’s working and what’s not; you no longer have to change for the sake of change; you no longer have to have the uncertainty behind the statement, “It seems like that campaign stirredup some business.”

Marketing Matters Way More than You Know

Golf course marketing today is a science and highly valued skill as well as an art. In order to be effective today, you need to couple your creative genius with technical and analytical prowess to maximize every dollar you shell out in the name of marketing. Without lead generation and creating product interest, all the sales training in the world cannot help you. All the systems, infrastructure, training, nothing else matters without having someone to sell it to. Properly marketing your product and the connection to a large and loyal customer base is paramount to the success of your business. Even the best ideas in the world find their success only through powerful, effective marketing strategies that effectively connect your business’ products and services with your market segment.

The Paradigm Marketing Makeover will:

  • Examine and critique existing campaigns and strategies
  • Research and define your ideal customer
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Examine online and electronic marketing efforts and improve SEO, as well as electronic lead generation and database generation.
  • Create tracking systems to identify and eliminate losers and trim the fat
  • Develop creative campaigns that drive traffic
  • Exploit buying patterns
  • Create consistency of message to insure market recognition
  • Test/modify, Test/modify, Test/modify…
  • Eliminate cute, kitschy, catchy programs that sound great but sell like crap
  • Examine your logo
  • Generate your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Generate leads and selling opportunities.
The Paradigm Golf Course Marketing Makeover is your opportunity to connect with more prospective customers, to reach more properly qualified prospects and to create a constant stream into your sales funnel leading directly to your sales team’s phone or inbox. It begins with marketing. The next step is closing the sale through the Paradigm Turbo Sales Program. Get started today by calling 760-275-1137 to discuss the next steps in getting your team armed and ready to selling more and maximize your profitability. Or simply provide the following information to schedule a free consultation.