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Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Mission Statement

Paradigm aspires to be a leader in corporate sustainability among golf management companies. We are committed to the journey — as a business partner, an employer, a community member, an environmental steward and a value creator for stakeholders. By thinking and acting sustainably, we will deliver excellent customer service, strong financial results while positioning the company for a strong future.

At Paradigm, sustainability is the way we manage and operate our business to best serve our customers, care for the environment, secure profits and drive long-term prosperity.

Sustainability is a business method that ensures safety, efficiency and responsibility in a manner that protects employees, communities, stakeholders and the environment, now and in the future.

While we realize we are only one company and our impact will be minimal when compared to the magnitude of the overall climate-crisis, we also realize that every business has a responsibility to cultivate resilience and sustainability.

As such, we are constantly seeking out and utilizing the best practices regarding environmental responsibility and sustainability. This includes energy conservation, increasing tree canopy coverage wherever possible, water management including distribution, Nonpoint Source Pollution, and overall usage, recycling including the use of sustainable packaging, agronomical sustainability when using pesticides and machinery, decreasing gasoline and diesel usage, and the use of electric golf carts in order to decrease noise pollution and emissions.

When constructing new buildings or changing the footprint at any property, sustainability plays a key role in every stage of the process including the feasibility of solar and wind power, green building materials, low-energy lighting and recyclable products. Our goal is to decrease kilowatt-hours across the operation. Any construction project takes tree and habitat conservation and the planting of additional trees to increase the shade canopy as well thorough investigation of NPS potential into consideration.

Any opportunity we have to decrease our carbon footprint means an opportunity for our employees, our customers and our families to enjoy a cleaner, healthier planet. We take these opportunities seriously and consider them to be our obligation.



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