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Should You Be Promoting or Discounting Your Rounds of Golf?

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What’s the difference between promotion and discount?

Promotions are short term, well thought out offers that use value, benefit statements and sizzle along with financial savings to promote your products and services.  Promotions create immediate demand and long-term product branding.   

Discounting is simply reducing price, and possibly devaluing your product in hopes to make up revenues through increased sales volume.  Unfortunately, this practice often leads to long-term price deterioration which is nearly impossible to recover, no matter how good your packaging, let alone your products.  

Like packaging, promotion is part precision and part art-form.  You must have a keen awareness of your margins, your market, your place in the market and the perceived value of your products and services, all of which you learn through Pricing and Packaging section of The P-Cubed Play.   We’ll also learn the what, when and where to launch your new promotions to maximize the positive revenue impact.   

By implementing the strategies above, our clients have increased their sales by millions of dollars.  The same can happen with you.  Let us help you build the perfect P3 for your company.