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Golf Now Business Features The Paradigm Approach

Check out the article that Golf Now Business wrote about Paradigm Golf Group.  They interviewed Joe D and Mikey D to gain insight on how the Paradigm approach is unique and profitable.  Click Here to read the entire article

Paradigm Golf Group breaks with convention to deliver uncommon results

Written By: Golf Now

Golf loves its traditions. Honoring them, staying true to them is, in large measure, why the game has endured for hundreds of years. That’s not to say the game dogmatically resists change. Just look at equipment. NASA-like feats of engineering with club heads, shafts and, especially, the golf ball have the game’s better practitioners achieving eye-popping distances, while some traditionalists decry the results.

On the business side of golf, there are management companies that are similarly challenging the status quo. Paradigm Golf Group is one of them…Click Here to read the entire article