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Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property?

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Golf Course Managers

Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property?

There are three types of managers/leaders/coaches:

  1. Duds
  2. Difference Makers
  3. Needle Movers

What’s the difference in the three types of Golf Course Managers?


  • We have all seen them, worked for them or maybe even were one at one time in our past.   In most cases, they have one of the two following characteristics.   The first is the manager that is just lazy, not- engaged and not interested.  They come in late, leave early and avoid all decision making, team management and passion for helping the property succeed.  The second is the manager that is at the property 70 hours a week, overwhelmed, stressed out and focuses on all the wrong things.  They are not connected to the team, our guests and the day to day operation.   This manager gets stuck in the cursory duties and because of a lack of leadership and direction, they take on trivial tasks that someone could have completed.  Both of these lead to poor results,  terrible team morale and lack of fun at the club.

Difference Makers

  •  These are the managers/leaders/coaches that look at the property and always strive to make it better along with how to make the experience more enjoyable for their guests and create an excellent work environment for their team.   The details are important, are administratively strong and set clear expectations. They think, strategize, implement and stay accountable in making a positive difference on a day-to-day basis.   They take objective observations of their operation and guest experience then strive to make improvements rather than make excuses or push blame.  Simply, they make a difference…

Needle Movers

  • These are the managers/leaders/coaches that make drastic improvements in the sales and service efforts of their clubs.  They view themselves as Sales & Service Specialists and Superior Strategists. They take the lead on making every guest’s experience as memorable as possible.  Their philosophy is simple: Every Guest, Every Time.   They focus not on what they want, but what the customer is looking for.  They design, develop and build play products based on their customers buying patterns, they train, empower, set high expectations for their team, and they create a fun and competitive work environment by keeping score and never show anything but a positive, optimistic and forward thinking mindset.   No matter where the property they manage is located or how bad the economy may be, the service improves, a competitive edge is created and sales/profit go up…the Needle Moves…

As you can see, our goal is to build and have Difference Makers and Needle Movers.  In today’s marketplace, there is no room for Duds.  

KEY:  If you are more of a Difference Maker, hire more Needle Movers to support your talents.  Vice-Versa if you are more of a Needle Mover.  Can you be both, absolutely, but it takes time, focus, awareness, and commitment.   

A Professional Golf Club Manager You Can Count On

Golf Course Consulting

A golf club is certainly a unique business. On the one hand, there is a steady stream of customers to be targeted, and it is an activity that is appealing to individuals from all ages and demographic groups. On the other hand, it is a complex enterprise that requires a great deal of planning and foresight in order to generate profits on a consistent basis. Proper upkeep of the fairways and greens is a major part of it, but so is the scheduling of staff, advertising to get your customers, and many other components that are interwoven together. If one chain in that link breaks, the entire club could suffer. A golf club manager can help ensure that this does not happen, and at Paradigm, this is the service that we pride ourselves on offering.

Services That We Can Provide You With

You understand the golf business or you would not be in this line of work. There are times, however, when even the most seasoned of professionals can be weighed down under an avalanche of different areas that are all required in order to be remotely successful. The proper running of a golf course has so many different moving pieces, from business to landscape management and everything in between. An individual experienced in one area might be deficient in another. Paradigm Golf Group can provide you with a golf course manager that can analyze your existing club and determine areas where you might benefit from any bit of improvement. You obviously have vision and goals which we will understand and further match up with current industry standards in order to generate a plan that will elevate your club in stature and profitability.

Choose a Management Team with Experience on Their Side

Paradigm Golf Group has been in business for over 20 years, and we have established a reputation for developing and managing golf courses throughout the United States. We are effective at what we do precisely because we care about the success of the courses we manage. In essence, your success becomes our success, and this is something we are immensely proud of.

Again, we do not set out to tell you how to your run your business. Your club is your business, but as a golf club manager we can use our experience to truly benefit your bottom line. We pledge to listen to you and get a feel for your entire operation before making even one recommendation. In the end, we can be as involved or uninvolved in the actual implementation of any changes. That is entirely up to you, but we would be honored to become your golf club manager and partner with you in your success for years to come.

We are the Premier Golf Course Management Company in the Area

Golf Course Consulting

Golf has been one of the most popular leisure activities around the world for all age groups for quite some time now. It is a game as well as a social event that draws together people from various walks of life for enjoyable, low impact physical activity. Golf is a sport that the novice and the highly experienced alike enjoy in equal measure. Because of these reasons, a well-managed golf course can be exceptionally profitable, even in today’s difficult economic climate. The key, however, is management. Paradigm Golf Group is a golf course management company that can work with you to ensure that your club is achieving the best results that you desire.

Profit or Loss – It Is Truly up to You

Running a golf course is not a simple endeavor. There are many complex variables that one must consider in order to be profitable. If done correctly, however, history has revealed that such courses will enjoy a steady stream of golfers as well as major profits on a regular basis. With courses poorly managed, however, all you will likely be looking at are vacant greens and an empty bank account. To avoid this, consider choosing Paradigm as your golf course management company. We work with you by coming alongside you, in order to generate the customer base and the revenue that your particular course is suited for. We can help guide you in terms of managing expenses, staff scheduling, promotions and marketing, as well as the proper technique to maintain the course effectively in such a manner that will attract golfers of all levels from across the region.

Develop a Unique Plan that Works for Your Club

In the end, your club is your baby. You need to take care of it because you can see the vision and you have the passion. If so, then we can certainly help you take this venture to the next level. We partner with you, and although we are not there to dictate how to run your club that you so obviously have poured your heart and soul into, we will be there to support you and help with wise decision choices. What we are also here to do, is to listen to you and see how your course is currently functioning, and then draw upon our experience to advise you how to operate more efficiently in order to become even more profitable in the future.

The approach that Paradigm Golf Group takes towards golf course management is different than what you will find at many other firms. We work hard to review your complete history and to genuinely get a feel for the unique goals and objectives that you have. In addition, we learn about the surrounding area in an effort to determine how you can best serve the needs of golfers in your community. Not all courses are equal, so we manage by developing a tailor-made plan set to your specific and unique situation.