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Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property?

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Golf Course Managers

Three Types of Golf Course Managers/Leaders, Which one are you? What type do you have managing your property?

There are three types of managers/leaders/coaches:

  1. Duds
  2. Difference Makers
  3. Needle Movers

What’s the difference in the three types of Golf Course Managers?


  • We have all seen them, worked for them or maybe even were one at one time in our past.   In most cases, they have one of the two following characteristics.   The first is the manager that is just lazy, not- engaged and not interested.  They come in late, leave early and avoid all decision making, team management and passion for helping the property succeed.  The second is the manager that is at the property 70 hours a week, overwhelmed, stressed out and focuses on all the wrong things.  They are not connected to the team, our guests and the day to day operation.   This manager gets stuck in the cursory duties and because of a lack of leadership and direction, they take on trivial tasks that someone could have completed.  Both of these lead to poor results,  terrible team morale and lack of fun at the club.

Difference Makers

  •  These are the managers/leaders/coaches that look at the property and always strive to make it better along with how to make the experience more enjoyable for their guests and create an excellent work environment for their team.   The details are important, are administratively strong and set clear expectations. They think, strategize, implement and stay accountable in making a positive difference on a day-to-day basis.   They take objective observations of their operation and guest experience then strive to make improvements rather than make excuses or push blame.  Simply, they make a difference…

Needle Movers

  • These are the managers/leaders/coaches that make drastic improvements in the sales and service efforts of their clubs.  They view themselves as Sales & Service Specialists and Superior Strategists. They take the lead on making every guest’s experience as memorable as possible.  Their philosophy is simple: Every Guest, Every Time.   They focus not on what they want, but what the customer is looking for.  They design, develop and build play products based on their customers buying patterns, they train, empower, set high expectations for their team, and they create a fun and competitive work environment by keeping score and never show anything but a positive, optimistic and forward thinking mindset.   No matter where the property they manage is located or how bad the economy may be, the service improves, a competitive edge is created and sales/profit go up…the Needle Moves…

As you can see, our goal is to build and have Difference Makers and Needle Movers.  In today’s marketplace, there is no room for Duds.  

KEY:  If you are more of a Difference Maker, hire more Needle Movers to support your talents.  Vice-Versa if you are more of a Needle Mover.  Can you be both, absolutely, but it takes time, focus, awareness, and commitment.   

Choosing the Right Golf Course Consultants Is Essential

There are numerous reasons why you might need the assistance of a consultant within a business, particularly one as comprehensive and extensive as a golf course. Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing or building a new golf course, and you need assistance in deciding on the proper location and other specifications. Maybe you have an existing club that you feel could be generating more revenue. There are a host of other reasons why such guidance might be needed, but the bottom line is that golf course consultants are designed to guide you and advise you about proper direction and business choices moving forward. We have been in business for over 20 years and would love to discuss this possibility of coming alongside of your business.

What Can a Golf Course Consultant Do For You?

Many people struggle to ask for the advice of an outside party, particularly when it involves their own business. We get that. You have poured your heart and soul into developing your business, or you have an idea of where exactly you would like to go with a club that you are about to purchase. This is all perfectly understandable. Keep in mind that an outside advisor can often pick up on things that you might not see because you are too involved in the process. In addition, as the proper management of a golf club requires an extensive background in many different disciplines, golf course consultants can help you fill in the gaps you might find in your own knowledge. Such a professional can prove to be an indispensable partner with you in your eventual success, which is exactly where we come in.

Consultants Set Out to Transform and Improve Existing Businesses

The role of the consultants at Paradigm Golf Group is not to take over; rather, our sole objective and vision is to truly come in and help you transform and improve your golf club by turning it into a revenue generating machine. We strive to use our years of experience at numerous courses throughout the United States in order to help you with your venture. We know what works, and we have also seen what does not work. This can save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache down the road.

Golf course consultants listen to your vision; they analyze every aspect of your club (or the club you are thinking about purchasing), and they work to generate an action plan that you feel comfortable with. You might find that only one part of your existing club is keeping you from generating the profits that you desire. If that is the case, a consultant will likely determine what that area is and how to correct it. You, however, might not ever have determined this target area because of your intimate role in the overall operation. Paradigm Golf Group is able to help and we would be honored if you would consider us for the important role of your golf course consultant.